UPDATE: The Alstom manufacturing site has a new owner.
The property on Riverfront Parkway, formerly owned by GE Power, was sold to West End Property.
Hamilton County property records show the sale happened May 29, 2018 and it sold for $30 million.
In 2015 GE bought out French-based Alstom power, taking over three plants in Chattanooga. Those plants included boiler operations, turbomachines, and the technology center.
The 90-acre site shut down in 2016 and when the plant closed it left hundreds of people without a job.

PREVIOUS STORY: After months of lying idle, the Chattanooga Alstom plant is in the process of being sold. 

Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation confirms that the 90-acre site is in the process of being sold. 

Additionally, TDEC spokesman Kim Schofinski tells Channel 3 "TDEC has a Brownfield Voluntary Agreement with GE that requires public notice, a Soil Management Plan, and Land Use Restrictions – including single family residential. We will work with the purchaser if the site is redeveloped."

General Electric bought Alstom in 2015. 

The French multinational company arrived in Chattanooga with great fanfare December 31, 2007, with an announcement of a $200 million investment in a new manufacturing facility in Chattanooga and would employ 350 people.

GE shuttered the three Chattanooga facilities in 2017 and layed off the workforce.

PREVIOUS STORY: Both the city of Chattanooga and Hamilton County are working to recover nearly $13 million dollars in tax incentives that were given to Alstom when the French power equipment company landed in the Scenic City.

But in June 2016, GE-owned Alstom announced they would be leaving Chattanooga and shutting down.

Marissa Bell, the Communications Coordinator for the city of Chattanooga tells Channel 3 that "the City has been working for months with Alstom and now GE to resolve this issue in a way that protects taxpayer dollars."

Bell continues to say that the city has implemented new measures "to prevent situations like this, including clawback provisions and robust tracking to hold companies accountable, while at the same time strengthening the City's relationships with economic generators and job creators."

The power company's three Chattanooga plants, which occupy a lot of riverfront property along the Tennessee River, are set to close at the end of 2016.

Alstom arrived in Chattanooga in 2007 with great anticipation, marked by a $200 million investment and the promise of 350 jobs.

General Electric bought the multi-national company in late 2015.