UPDATE: Many of you have seen the viral video of a local police officer is using his dance moves to help raise money for good cause.
The video of officer Sean Bulow dancing outside of a Walmart in Cleveland has been viewed thousands of times worldwide. 

Officials say his dance moves helped raise more than $1,147 dollars for the Salvation Army's Red Kettle Campaign in just a few hours. 

 "I have this face,that's a big hit too," said Officer Sean Bulow, Cleveland Police Department. 

Officer Bulow is a cut up in person but a little shy for our TV cameras and overwhelmed by all the attention. 
"It's a little shocking but I'm loving it," said Officer Bulow. 
Reporter: "What is that move with the bell? Bulow: " It's called the Bulenator." 
Reporter: "Did you make that up yourself? Bulow: " I do whatever feels right." 

Officer Bulow is  an Army Veteran who has also worked in the Chattanooga police department. He loves to tell his story of why he always wanted to wear a badge. 

"When I was little, I grew up in Ohio and these police officers would come over all the time and we'd be playing football or roller skating," said Officer Bulow. " They'd be interacting with us and they were just really nice and so that's why I wanted to become a cop. I was like, that's a cool job...I looked up to them."

But the officer quickly learned it's not always fun and games, especially now. 
"When I was in Chattanooga I had a 3 year old in East Lake Courts come up and ask me why I wanted to shoot him,  that killed me inside," said Officer Bulow. " That was horrible and that hurts. Hopefully by dancing and cutting up with people and just talking to the community we can bridge that gap and become a community again." 

He dances to make a difference...  

 "I'm a husband, I'm a son, I go work out at the Y and I'm just your average community member," said Officer Bulow.  

 If you see him, he says he wants you to dance too.  

"I'll be ready, I'll be like Kevin Bacon in Footloose," said Officer Bulow. 

If you would like to dance with Officer Bulow or witness his encore performance, he will be back at the Walmart on Keith Street in NW Cleveland on Monday at 4:30 p.m 

The drive is a competition between the Cleveland Police Department  and the Bradley County Sheriff's office to see which team can raise the most money for the Salvation Army. 

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Cleveland Police Officer Bulow showed extra enthusiasm, as well as some sweet dance moves Monday as he and fellow Cleveland police are joining in to help the Salvation Army's Red Kettle Drive Monday at the WalMart of Keith Street.

The drive is a bit of a match between the Cleveland PD and the Bradley Sheriff's Office to see which team can raise the most money for the Salvation Army.

According to the Cleveland PD's Facebook page, Chief Gibson has offered to give the first 50 people who donate $20 or more in the CPD kettle (merchandise side closest to the pharmacy) a CPD challenge coin. 

They even have curbside service, so you don't have to get out of your car, and they'll be there until 3:30pm today.