As storms swept through though the Tennessee Valley Wednesday, downed trees and powerlines have forced the closure of some roads.

This story will be updated throughout the day as we learn more.


  • Intersection of Brynewood Park Lane and Brynewood Park Road 
  • Mountain Creek Road near Valley Bridge 
  • 62 Harrison Road at Ooltewah 
  • 700 Dayton Blvd 
  • Memorial on Almont
  • 5830 Brainerd Road


  • 3510 Mountain Creek Road
  • Hwy 60 at Citco Station 
  • 6900 Sims Road 


  • The W Road half way blocking both lanes 
  • Tree down at 204 Pea Street
  • Cherokee blvd and Manufactors  - chain fence across road
  • Boy Scout and Echo Glen  - lots of mud across road
  • Tree down on Hinkle Road at Thatch
  • 1800 Taft Hwy  - tree down
  • Tree 1400 block of Mountain Creek Road
  • 500 block South Palisasdes - tree blocking road


  • Heavy flooding reported on 25th street, which is causing flooding at these areas: 
  • 64 at Boat Store
  • Edmond Street under the bridge
  • South Lee at 3rd at the CVS
  • 20th street at Bonnie's Lane 
  • Officials are suggest that unless you must be out, stay at home because road conditions are "terrible" 


  • Highway 41 between Summerfield Market and The Bridge Retirement Center - trees down; road is closed.
  • Monteagle - detouring traffic - no estimated time to be cleared because of the power lines that are also down waiting on power company. Some carports have flown onto the highway and trees are down

MARION COUNTY - No road closures


  • All roads have been cleared from earlier reports


  • Athens: Main roads are open in all directions. Many side streets have some debris on them. Police tell Channel 3 that there are so many they can't keep a list current.
  • Mostly trees, power poles are blocking all side streets
  • Highway 307 is mostly closed at Green Street


  • All roads reported open, except for one small country road Doc Loy Road  has been closed but should not have a major impact on traffic

SODDY DAISY - No road closures

BLEDSOE COUNTY - No road closures


  • Flash flood warning on Hwy 41 at the Whitfield-Catoosa county line 

DADE COUNTY - No road closures

RINGGOLD - No road closures


  • 2900 Block of Haywood Avenue reports of trees down
  • 3600 block of Mountain Creek road there is flooding
  • 400 block of Broad Street there is flooding
  • East 20th Street and Washington there is flooding
  • 5900 of Brainerd there is flooding
  • 2700 block Vermont Avenue there is a tree down
  • 5700 Moody Sawyer there is a tree down
  • 6000 block Levi Road there is a power line and tree down
  • Dayton Blvd at Signal Mountain there is high water
  • Dolly Cline at Gamble there is a tree and debris in roadway
  • 2700 block of Welch Road there is a tree crossing roadway