It took every ounce of courage for Misti Nash to come here. 

"For her to lose a child, it's heartbreaking. She's trying to be strong," Antwon McClain said. 

Somehow she found the strength to see the place where her 9-year-old daughter Zoie lost her life. 

McClain is Misti's brother. He said despite their pain, today his family is thankful for a lot. 

"She lost a child. Thank God that my nephew is going to be alright. He made it out of ICU okay," he added. 

Misti's 8-year-old son Zecheriah was one of the dozens of children hurt in Monday's school bus crash on Talley Road. 

"I couldn't make myself come until today because it's Thanksgiving," Rosie Russell said. 

The pain still resonates through the Woodmore community, like Russell who is a substitute teacher at the school. 

"The first thing I thought of this morning was the fact that those families won't have them for Thanksgiving and I"m going to go and have mine later on today," she said. 

LaMont Solomon knows the pain these six parents feel. He lost a son in a crash four years ago. 

He usually drives Talley Road after picking up his daughter from Woodmore every afternoon. Except for Monday, for some reason he didn't take his usual route.

"Every day when I pick my daughter up we go the same way, this way to get to my shop. But instead for some reason God sent me instead of turning right to Talley Road, God sent me to the left," he said. 

We may never know all of the answers but what these families do know is that they are loved. 

And for McClain, that means a lot. 

"It really has given me life to see the support from the people and see how much people really care. It's showing that we can come together as a community," McClain said. 

To help the Woodmore crash families, click HERE.

Funeral services for Zoie Nash will be held at Hope City Church on Thursday, December 1st at 12 noon. Zoie’s body will lie in state Wednesday from 1:00 until 7:00 p.m. The visitation will take place at Taylor Funeral home. Zoie’s family asks attendees to wear purple, black, and gray since those are her softball team’s colors.