It's the time of year when most of us wish we had a little more money. 

Robots may be coming after our jobs, but some jobs still need human beings to do them.  
And human beings can find those jobs with Amazon's Mechanical Turk. Nevermind the name, this is a marketplace for work. Businesses can, and do advertise, hire and pay freelancers to do what only people can do.  

Many are as simple as looking at a receipt from a store and identifying the store from it's logo and entering it in text format. Each receipt you read pays a couple of pennies or transcribe business card information. 3 cents a card, if you can do 10 in a minute, you're making 18 dollars an hour! working from home.

Some jobs where you're needed to transcribe audio into text pay over 50 dollars per project. mechanical turk is currently advertising over 823-thousand jobs or tasks. Can you draw? Write? Work on websites? Voice-over work? at Fiverr advertise what you do then wait on someone to hire you. Web developers and graphic artists hang their shingle at Fiverr, accepting jobs paying anything from 5 to 10,000 dollars and odd jobs have a new meaning at Fiverr. This guy earns extra money singing a sad and strange version of happy birthday as a mouse. sign up as full time or part time. how many hours you want to work and how much you charge. ---  you can also pick up some extra gift cards using the app "Viggle" while you watch TV. while you watch a show, log-in to the app and you'll start earning points. play trivia games or watch commercials to earn bonus bucks the dollars, called "perks" add up and you can cash them out in gift cards from Amazon, Walmart and 200 other retailers.
These are not 'get rich quick' schemes. you won't 'get rich quick' and they're legitimate ways to work from home, set your own hours and name your price. We spend a lot of time buying things online, makes sense we should make some money too. 

Amazon's mechanical turk program was launched 11 years ago. Amazon doesn't release any statistics but a New York business professor estimates that the total payout to workers each year could be as high as 150 million dollars.