Politics were on the menu this morning at a diner in Chattanooga. After months of a heated presidential election, there's a lot of chatter about the outcome.

"We flip for breakfast every morning and today I won so Barney has to buy breakfast and then were celebrating we both voted for Trump and we feel like he's what's best for our nation,” Pryor Bacon said.

Bacon and his friend Barney Ottinger are Trump supporters, they stayed up late patiently waiting to hear the announcement.
In Tennessee, 91 out of the 95 counties went to the president-elect and these voters are confident America got it right.

"I think he's going to run it when he runs his business. I believe that will be better for the country, I believe, it may be as we say ‘cold shock the engine.’ I don't know,” Bacon said.

Others woke up to the news for the first time and some like Jack Collins earned some extra cash.

"Who's this guy, he's a movie star? He wants to be a political guy? Wow, and it happened, I put my money on Trump and I got a few bucks out of it,” Collins said.

Collins is visiting from Australia, he said he's indifferent about the outcome, but said it's increased the value of a dollar in his country, which he's okay with.

"You know change is good I think that's what you needed, a little positivity in the marketplace and I think this guy might give it to you,” Collins said.

But some diehard Clinton followers like Todd Creamer said they're still shocked by the outcome.

"I’m very much afraid how our leader elects and his administration is going to treat different kinds of people,” Creamer said.

Some woke up salty this morning, but others woke up to the taste of victory.

"We really been concerned about America, it's not as great as it has been but we can be great again,” Ottinger said.