The race for the White House is almost over, Tuesday night we should know who'll be the next President. but by Wednesday morning, some of your Facebook friends may be calling a moving van. 

We've all seen those posts from people saying they'll leave the country, if their candidate doesn't win. 

So, you're thinking of moving to Canada 'eh? It isn't as simple as just packing up and leaving the states. But if you plan to move after the election or anytime for that matter these apps will help you get started.

If a 2 liter soda is about all you know you'll want a good metric converter. These apps convert miles to kilometers, Fahrenheit to Celsius and gallons to liters. Good even if you're not moving for political purposes.

You can't just move to Canada, you need to take a citizenship test before they let you settle down. You'll find several practice tests in both app stores. This one by Deedal Studios works with both iOS and Android. by the way, you'll need to know there are 308 electoral districts

Anyone who's moving anywhere needs a good move organizational app My choice is Sortly. It puts together lists of things you need to do and when they need to be complete, from contacting doctors to eating up what's in the freezer. keep a home inventory, and keep track of everything using qr codes and don't go it alone.

Maple Match is a brand new dating website and iOS app aimed at matching Americans with Canadians. The app, launched to co-incide with the election and
threats by some to move if Trump is elected is like other dating apps. you answer questions about your beliefs, habits and politics. then the app matches you with a potential match across the border.

Maple Match creators say it's not a joke and they'll continue playing match maker of Canadians and Americans, regardless of Tuesday's outcome.