The heavy smoke from the Signal Mountain fire is effecting everyone in the area, but most importantly the firefighters fighting the flames. Because of that many people in Soddy-Daisy are finding ways to help out on the ground, including the teachers and students at Ivy Academy. 

"We felt helpless, we wanna be out there, and we can't it's not safe. We don't know what we're doing we leave that to the experts, but we can help them and that makes us feel really good and its made people in the community feel good," said Phyllis Williams.Phyllis Williams is a Teacher and Administrative Assistant at Ivy Academy, where clouds of smoke hover on the mountain right across the street. a frightening view that caught the attention of students.  

"I mean I thought that it was fog out at first, but then I saw that it was up on the mountain and so I was like wow that's awesome and then I was like oh wait, no that's not awesome," said Ivy Academy student, Gabe Snider. 

But also one that led Williams and the Soddy-Daisy community to help the men and women battling the flames, by dropping off dozens of cases of water and snacks in the school's parking lot. 

"We've seen people come in that we've never met, who just like the lady that just brought the water, 'where can I drop off this water?' they wanna help. You see it and you wanna respond," said Williams. 

Nearby residents like Dell Frederick agree.

"I live on the mountain right here and they need all the help they can get. I can't help with the fire, but at least i can maybe help them," said Fredrick.Though he's happy to help, he hates that he has to, "It's senseless. It shouldn't happen. Dry weather there should be no fires nowhere.. I've had to chase a few myself so I know how hard it is."

Support from a community hoping the firefighters protecting them stay safe, and put the fire out. Ivy Academy students were let out of school early today due to the heavy smoke, and a two hour delay will follow for Tuesday.

We're told you can also drop off any water or snacks at the local police or fire departments. Police are asking everyone to not stop or slow down on the roads or highways to see the fire.