The Grundy County community came together to support 14-year-old, Hunter Northcutt, who was diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma, a primary bone cancer that affects mainly children and adolescents, about a month ago.

Hunter started chemo therapy earlier this week. 

After hearing the news, many people surrounding Hunter stepped up to make a difference by hosting a fundraiser, Saturday at Pelham Elementary School, including Hunter's fishing coach and State Director of the TN BASS Nation, David Lowrie. 

"Grundy County rallies for Grundy County. When we need to help people; when people need help, people come running," Lowrie said. "When we got the news, it's hard on everybody. Everybody's you know upset and worried and worried about the future and worried about what we can do to help."

Hunter's father, Marty, said Hunter was experiencing pain in his legs, which was thought to be due to a pulled muscle or growing pains. After visiting several doctors, an X-Ray revealed something more serious. Hunter was referred to a doctor at Vanderbilt Hospital, where he was diagnosed. 

A day Hunter's 18-year-old sister, Tori, painfully remembers. 

"I was coming home from work and he's [Marty] like we gotta talk; both you at the same time," Tori said. "I lost words when I heard. It's kind of crazy."

Tragic news that led Marty to almost quitting his job to take care of his family.
But because of the community's support that didn't happen. 

Hundreds of people poured in and out of the school, donating their time and money for a good cause. It was a day filled with love and a few competitive activities, that Hunter said made him feel good. 

 "It's like a bad situation but I got people to help me through it and I'm doing pretty good right now. It feels pretty good seeing everybody. A lot of familiar faces and everything and your friends and family and everything," Hunter said. 

A family standing strong and united; fighting and praying for the day Hunter can say he beat cancer. 

"He's strong. He's gonna beat it. He's a strong kid. He ain't never gave up on nothing yet so he'll get through it," Marty said. 

But with a support system that extends county wide. 

"Hunter knows that he's supported; he sees it. People have come far and wide," Lowrie said. "Our biggest prayer is that Hunter can be healed from this and move forward."

The community is also hosting an auction and chili supper on Dec.3 at Pelham Elementary School to continue to support Hunter and his family. you can also help by donating to Hunter GoFundMe page.