While many retailers decided to wait until Black Friday to hold their Black Friday sales this year, one retailer is getting a big jump on everyone else.

Amazon launched its annual Black Friday sale Monday, November 1st. Yep, before kids finished their Halloween candy. 54 days before Christmas and 24 days before the traditional Black Friday. I'm pretty skeptical when I see pre-sales, wondering if they're just throwing the name out there on regular deals and specials. The only way to find out is to check, so I went black friday shopping.

Amazon has put the Countdown to Black Friday sale on its front page and a click takes you to Lightning Deals and Deals of the Day. The bargains all show discounts of 30-70% off regular prices but I'm skeptical. So I checked.

The first item in the Black Friday sales ad was a coat sale. A Tommy Hilfiger Womens' down coat is on sale for $73, the ad says that's$ 320 off the regular price which sounds too good to be true.

I used the comparison shopping website www.camelcamelcamel.com to find out if it is true. By copying the web address of the coat into the camelcamelcamel search bar I see it really is a low price. In fact it's the lowest price ever at Amazon. Just a few days ago, the site shows the exact same coat was for sale for nearly $200.

I also compared an LG OLED tv priced at $1000 is the lowest price ever at Amazon, according to camelcamelcamel. Last week, it was over $1,450.

Not every price cut are as good as these two of course but Amazon sure seems to be taking this countdown to Black Friday seriously. Amazon is also enticing shoppers to join its Prime Membership by offering early-bird priority on its Lightning Deals and shoppers who own an Amazon device such as the Echo, Fire TV and Kindle other specials.

Amazon is also updating its mobile app adding new features.

I didn't see any tvs for $15 or playstations for $20, you'll still have to wait for Thanksgiving night or Black Friday in a traditional store. Still I found some really good deals. Christmas is apparently closer than we'd like to think which reminds me, I need to share my wish list.