Channel 3 obtained the case file for the domestic assault case the involved Bobby Stone and his wife, Lacie Stone. Stone was charged in the assault of his wife, Lacie Stone, who is a senior advisor for Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke.

Video from the Chattanooga police cruiser shows Bobby Stone in the back of the car, not handcuffed, talking on the phone. Also released were photos Lacie Stone said she took that document the injuries she received during the incident.

Charges against Bobby Stone were dropped in late October after the investigation revealed he was not given access to an attorney during his arrest.

District Attorney General Neal Pinkston said in his motion that Bobby Stone hadn't been read his Miranda rights before he was interviewed by police and that Lacie Stone made "inconsistent" statements about the incitement.

In the police cruiser video, Bobby Stone makes a call to a man believed to be a relative and explains what happened.

"Are you married" he asks the officer. "I hope your works out better than mine did," Stone tells the caller.

"I made the mistake of calling Fred Fletcher the police chief, is my friend. He was over at my house tonight. Bitching to him about my wife. And because I did that, he had to file a report."  

"He's a by-the-book guy," Stone continued.

"We tussled - this been going on for a coupla weeks. I caught her kissing the mayor… two weeks ago."

"And I thought we were kinda working through it, and she said it was just a fluke."

"Tonight I saw her in the dog yard, like doing this long text, and I tried to grab her phone and said 'Let me see your phone," and she wouldn't show it to me.

"So I grabbed it and we got into a tussle, and then it turned into a serious wrestling match over the phone."

"She never would let me see the phone, so I threw her the f**k out."

The conversation continues, with Stone saying "She went over to Fred's [Fletcher] house, because I guess it was close."

"You called me and she called me, so I'm gonna have to turn this in." Stone said, referring to the conversation he had with Fletcher.

"I threw rock through the bitch's window, which was probably not a good move, particularly because she had a Berke sticker on the window."

"I've got her whole damn family in my will," Stone said.

Channel 3 reached out to Stone's attorney, Lee Davis, but he is not making a comment at this time.