This story was originally published this past football season. I felt that it would be appropriate to re-post it again today. I hope you enjoy... Happy Mother's Day! 

Dear Football Moms,

All moms are special, but you are very special in your own unique way. Any kid that’s ever played the game knows exactly what I’m talking about. You go above and beyond, putting countless things you could be doing instead aside, all in support of us playing the game we love. 

As the football season begins to wind down, and for many of you, you begin to watch your son's (or daughter's) football career come to a close; this letter goes out to you!

Thank you for:

  • Waking me up for 6am workouts, even on days you didn’t need to wake up that early.
  • Washing my disgusting, sweaty, awful-smelling football gear, and not once complaining about it.
  • Showing up at two-a-days with a cooler full of Gatorade.
  • Taking pictures of EVERYTHING: During spring practice, two-a-days, picture day (obviously), games, and even team dinners. Even though it embarrassed me at the time, you documented memories that will last a lifetime.
  • Helping me with my homework after I came home from football practice, and didn’t feel like doing it.
  • Putting up with my loud (and sometimes obnoxious) football buddies.
  • Making sure I always had more than enough to eat, because Coach always wanted me to gain more weight.
  • Never having to go without… Whether it be a new pair of gloves, cleats, or whatever the case may be. If I ever needed anything, you made sure I always had it.
  • Never missing a game, no matter the day, time, or distance (even when I dressed varsity as a sophomore, and hardly ever played).
  • Volunteering for every team fundraiser, helping out with every team dinner, and showing up at every team parent meeting.
  • Your willingness to learn a game that you never played, and then not only learning it, but learning it so well that you now probably understand football better than many people who actually played it.
  • Not being overprotective and allowing me to play a very physical sport, all because you understood that playing football was something I loved to do… Even if it meant that I sometimes got nicked, scraped, bruised, and bloody.
  • For not having a life on Friday nights (and Saturday’s for some moms) for 3 months every Fall, and loving every second of it.
  • And finally… For always being there for me, and making me feel like a winner, even in defeat.

Yours Truly,

A Grateful Son, and Former Football Player

Brooks Carter is a photojournalist, and contributing sports writer/reporter for WRCB-TV. You can follow him on Twitter @BrooksACarter