This week's is a strange case all the way around: odd time, odd day, and almost comically odd that the bad guy covers his face only after cameras captured a good look at him. Maybe all of these factors will help you recognize him, fill your pockets with Crime Stoppers cash, and get this criminal off the streets.   

It was October 4th and strangely enough, rush hour on a Tuesday morning. The Mapco convenience store is in Lookout Valley, a stone's throw from the interstate. "The suspect lays the gun on the counter and he takes the money out of the cash drawer himself and he grabbed the gun and runs," explained Chattanooga Police Officer Victor Miller. "It's odd that you have this type of robbery happen at that time of the morning when you're gonna have a lot of traffic. Luckily, there was no one else in the building."

The clerk wisely complied with his demands. "You'll see the gun is laying right there near her so she did exactly what she was supposed to do," said Off. Miller.

Here is where where our bad guy earns a spot on the list of 'criminals with questionable intelligence.' Miller described, "You'll see in the video, whenever the suspect walks into the store, at first he does not have his hood up. He does not have anything over his face. But, before he encounters the clerk, he'll pull that hood up and pull the bandanna over his face so she won't recognize him."

He is a white male, around 20-years old, and about 5'8". Notice the hoodie and the hairstyle. You may have already recognized him. Miller thinks he may live in Lookout Valley. Also, witnesses saw him flee into some motels in the area. If you have seen around, you could be close to reward cash. Help police round him up and make our city safer. "Anytime you have a gun involved, even sometimes robbers will imply they have a gun, it's still the same thing as if they have a gun because that person still scared for their life," Off. Miller added. "So, that's why we run it on Crime Stoppers, to try to get this person behind bars. Because they're a threat to the community."

If you have any bit of information, call Crime Stoppers: 698-3333

Up to $1,000 is on the table and, as always, we guarantee your anonymity.