Instead of memorizing or carrying around a giant policy manual, police in Cleveland have it all in one app. 

One new policy explains how to interact with the transgender community. 

"Using the pronoun that they wish to go by, so if it's a he and she wishes to go by she, then that's how we're to address them," Cleveland Police Department Sgt. Evie West said. 

This app makes it easy for officers to double check procedure. 

Cleveland joins Chattanooga, Collegedale and Signal Mountain police when using the software called PowerDMS.

"What do I do in a DUI case or how do I handle a domestic violence case and the protocol? What do I do if I find a child and I can't find their parents. It lists all the protocol of what you need to do and that reduces the liability on the police department and reduces the liability on the individual as well," West added. 

An e-mail notifies officers of a department-wide change or new procedure and then they're required to sign off, acknowledging they read it. 

Before using PowerDMS, officers were given binders of every procedure printed on paper. 

"We also take tests on there as well, certifications, any courses we might have," she said. 

This software has already saved the department $19,000 in paper alone.