UPDATE: A high school senior saved every dollar this summer to purchase his first motorcycle. This week it was stolen from his house in the middle of the night. The Hamilton County Sheriff's Office said the person responsible is 26 year old Robert Corey Ripple.

Ripple was added to the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office top 12 Most Wanted list earlier this month. He was wanted for 15 warrants. Late Wednesday night he was found on the stolen motorcycle before trying to flee from officers.

It is not the first time thieves tried to steal 18 year old Hunter Couch's motorcycle. Recently the family installed security cameras. They were able to see two men take the bike in a very unusual way.

It is a lesson the Couch family always taught their children. “If you want something you got to work for it. He worked for it, he saved up all his money in his checking account and when it was time he found on and payed for it,” said Hunter’s mom Tammy.

Hunter was leaving for school when he noticed his four thousand dollar motorcycle was gone. His mom checked the security cameras and saw two men entering their garage. “They picked up the bike and put the front wheel of the bike in the mop bucket and rolled it down our driveway.”

Video shows the duo waiting at the bottom of the driveway, before a truck picks them up and drives away. “Kids like a lot of stuff given to them but it is different when they work for it and it is taken from them.”

The Hamilton County Sheriff's Office said one of their Top 12 Most Wanted Fugitives, Corey Ripple, had the bike. “Not only working with regular day to day thieves that steal a vehicle. You are working with someone who had 16 felonies that would go further than taking a bike, they would go in and enter a house while sleeping.”

It was spray painted black and damaged.  Not the bike Tammy's son worked so hard for. “Cut the wiring for the ignition, they wrecked it, new pegs on the side. So much is wrong with it.”

It is now chained to a tree in the back yard while they wait for the insurance company. Hunter's dream to spend his senior year driving a motorcycle to school taken away in seconds after months of saving up. “He is a good boy, he is joining the military. If forbid something happens to him in the military, hey he got to enjoy his senior year riding a bike. That makes us proud.”

The Hamilton County Sheriff's Department is still looking for the two men in the video. If you have any idea who these individuals are, please give them a call.

Ripple was taken to the hospital for evaluation. He remains in the Hamilton County Jail on 15 warrants. New charges are pending.

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PREVIOUS STORY: Suspect Robert Corey Ripple was arrested late Wednesday night by Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office deputies and the United States Marshall’s Office.

Ripple was spotted turning in to an address on Dolly Pond Road. There, both agencies formed an arrest team and apprehended Ripple.

Ripple was found on a stolen motorcycle and attempted to flee, but was blocked in by authorities. He then  took off on foot, running into the home and out the front of the house.

He was captured by Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office Deputies and a Deputy U.S. Marshall.

Ripple resisted arrest and a stun gun was used. He was taken to a local hospital for evaluation, then booked in to the Hamilton County jail on 15 warrants and new charges related to the arrest.

The motorcycle was returned to the owner.

Corey Ripple was added to the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office Top 12 Most Wanted earlier in the month.

PREVIOUS STORY: Crime Stoppers is asking for your help in locating Robert Corey Ripple. 

Ripple is wanted on multiple warrants.  Some of the charges are felonies and include burglary, thefts, and evading arrests. 

Ripple, 26, is described as having a slender build, about 5' 11" and weighing around 150 pounds.

He has brown hair with a receding hairline, brown eyes and usually has a brown mustache and beard. 

If you know where Ripple is, call Crime Stoppers at 698-3333. Your information could earn you a cash reward.