His crime we have featured before, but the spending spree upon which this week's suspect embarked is...unique. "He is known to the liquor stores in the Hixson community, so they're on the lookout for him," explained Chattanooga Police Officer Victor Miller. 

The man is somehow duplicating credit cards, then going out to fulfill his immediate needs. "Normally we see criminals that duplicate credit cards make larger purchases or purchase gift cards which they can resell or use at separate locations, separate times," Off. Miller said. Not the case with this guy. "He's using those credit cards throughout the Hixson area. He used them to purchase liquor at three different liquor stores and then pizza."

We get some pretty clear pictures from store security cameras. He is a black male with a medium build, about 6-feet tall. On at least one occasion he was wearing a v-neck shirt and a ball cap with what looks to be a Seattle Seahawks logo. "Two things stand out in the video you'll see," Miller added. "He has a cross necklace that's hanging down the middle of the shirt, so that may stand out to you. Also, his getaway car is driven by black female and it's a silver Nissan Versa."

The two have worked themselves in some serious trouble. "Each one of the crimes he's committing is a separate event. So, it's not just one offense he's committed," said Miller. "He may not be as sophisticated as the other ones, yet, but he is duplicating those cards somehow and we do want to get him into custody." 

Help shut down his scheme. If you recognize the man from the video, if he's an employee, an acquaintance, even a family member, do the right thing and be rewarded for your assistance. "Call in to Crime Stoppers," Miller said. "We'll give you an ID number. We'll never ask for your name."

Up to $1,000 is on the table. Call: 698-3333

If you get voice mail, leave a way for Officer Miller to get back with you. He may have some questions, but he will never ask who you are.