UPDATE: The Sevier County Juvenile Court judge, Jeff Rader released his sentencing order for the main offender in the Ooltewah rape case. 

The main offender will receive credit for time served which was 287 days at the time of the sentencing. The offender will be placed on local supervision until the age of 19, refrain from drugs and alcohol, and will have to provide random drug screenings.

Read the full sentencing order below: 

PREVIOUS STORY: The three former Ooltewah High School students convicted for their roles in the rape of a freshman player were sentenced in Sevier County Juvenile Court on Tuesday.

The sentencing hearing lasted for about two hours and was closed to the public.

A court order from the judge denied media coverage.

A source familiar with the case told Channel 3 the oldest defendant, now 18 years old, will stay in custody until November 21st. He has not been released from custody since his arrest in December. 

The teen was convicted of aggravated rape and aggravated assault. He was 17 at the time of the incident.

Two other students, each convicted of aggravated assault, received an additional 60 days in a juvenile detention center. They were each found guilty of aggravated assault.

Neither side would comment on what happened inside the courtroom.

"It's a shocking case. No question," said Attorney Jerry Tidwell

Tidwell is a Chattanooga attorney with experience in juvenile court and has been following the Ooltewah rape case closely out of Sevier county.

"I think what really frustrates people is that he wasn't treated as an adult, that's what everybody expected, that's what I expected," Tidwell said.

Community reaction to their punishment suggests the three defendants received a light sentence.

Tidwell said that's because much of what happens in juvenile court is kept confidential, and defendants must be released before their 19th birthdays.

"Their record will always be a secret except if they apply for a security clearance or go into the military or if they get in trouble again and the District Attorney, law enforcement, government can see it," he added.

If the main defendant had been convicted of aggravated rape as an adult he would have faced at least 20 years in prison.

His conviction does mean he will be added to the Tennessee Sex Offender Registry, which could stay with him for life.

"He has at age 25 the right to ask to be taken off but I seriously doubt any if many ever get off that. I imagine he'll stay on it for the rest of his life," Tidwell said.

Channel 3 has requested a copy of the judge's order to learn more details of Tuesday's hearing. 

PREVIOUS STORY: Three former Ooltewah students will be sentenced by a Sevier County Judge Tuesday for the role they played in raping another student with a pool cue, last December. 

Two of the students were convicted with Aggravated Assault and another student was convicted with Aggravated Rape. The sentencing will happen at 1:30 p.m.

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