This week, another home burglary you can help us solve thanks to hi-tech home security. This case is important. "Some of the items that were taken would include ammunition and weapons," said Chattanooga Police Officer Victor Miller "So, it's very important that we get these people off the street and into custody and try to recover those items."

The house is off Highway 58. The residents were away in late August when they received an alert on their smart phone. "12 o'clock in the afternoon, so it was broad daylight; middle of the day," said Off. Miller. "When we arrived, we noticed that the side door was kicked in. And when we reviewed the video, as you will see, two black males enter the home and they are sharing a pair of gloves."

Yes, sharing a pair of gloves. One wears the right glove the other the left. Maybe they're thrifty?

"The video's not the best," Miller continued, "but you still should be able to pick out a least one of the suspects that's not trying to cover his face. You'll see a second suspect, he is trying to cover his face with his shirt." It's a Mickey Mouse shirt.

Also, on the first suspect, notice the tattoos on his chest and arm. If you know him, you've already recognized him. We want to hear from you. "Whenever you call into Crime Stoppers, we will never ask for your name and you're only identified by an ID number that we provide you throughout the entire course," explained Miller. "In this case, we have the video and we have other evidence that would be able to conclusively say this is the person. So, you give us the name we got all the evidence that we need to put them in jail."

Up to $1,000 reward cash could be yours. Call Crime Stoppers: 698-3333

Leave a way for Off. Miller to get back in touch with you. He may have questions, but he will never ask who you are.