UPDATE: A faulty gasket was responsible for a reported chemical spill Monday morning.

A spokesperson for Wacker Chemical Corporation said the issue was noticed around 7:20 a.m. in a distillation column/tower at the Wacker Polysilicon plant in Charleston.

William Toth, Director of Corporate Communication and Compliance for Wacker Chemical Corporation said their on-site emergency response team responded and noticed visible water vapor.

As a result, responders cleaned up the incident without the help of Bradley County EMS.

Employees were evacuated as a precaution and held outside of the facility for a short time.

Afterwards, Toth said there was no threat to those on-site or in the surrounding community.

PREVIOUS STORY: A morning chemical spill at the Wacker Polysilicon plant in Charleston is being handled internally by their teams.

Bradley County dispatchers tell Channel 3 that no backup has been called and the company has not requested any assistance from Bradley County first responders.

Dispatchers were notified about the spill 8:15am Monday morning

There's no word as to what chemicals may be involved in the leak or the extent of the leak.