A generation of children are learning about what happened 15 years ago on September 11th. Many of them were too young to remember and others weren't even born yet.

The lessons learned from 9/11 extended to the baseball diamond in Whitfield County on Sunday.

One of America's favorite pastimes paid tribute to those who lost their lives 15 years ago.

"A day that changed my lifetime or my generation probably forever," Coach Travis McDonald said.

It was an important conversation for coaches and players at the Salute to the Heroes baseball tournament in Rocky Face, Georgia.

"They're like wow. They couldn't believe it really happened. They all say in school that they've been reading about it and teachers have been teaching them about it," Marcus Manning, the tournament's director said.

The baseball players were not born before that tragic day, but they're beginning to understand it.

"They hit the towers and then a lot of people died and these terrorists killed a lot of people," some of the kids said.

It was a day that changed the country forever.

"Sad. Not good. Not good," other kids said.

As the years go by, the young players will pass on what they've learned to the next generation.

"A lot of the kids, their grandparents, their dad, some of the moms, are even vets, so they get it. They understand why we're here today," Manning said.