Chattanooga police say around 1 p.m. Friday, validated Gangster Disciple, Anthony George allegedly committed a robbery at 2413 Kirby Avenue. Police say they were given information that during the robbery George was driving a white Chrysler 300 with Florida tags.

Later on Friday, US Marshals observed the vehicle matching that description at the Greyhound Bus Station on Airport Road. US Marshals attempted to stop the vehicle for a traffic stop. When US Marshals initiated their emergency lights, the vehicle did not stop and accelerated. A second US Marshals vehicle with its emergency lights activated pulled in from of the Chrysler 300 to block the roadway.

The Chrysler then collided with the US Marshals vehicle and continued to evade law enforcement. The Chrysler collided with and broke through a parking lot gate at the Airport and continued to the parking lot. The Chrysler drove drove at a high rate of speed through the Airport parking lot at which point it struck two parked vehicles before breaking through another gate. The Chrysler continued to evade police and hit another police vehicle that was blocking the roadway at Airport Connector Road and Airport Road. The Chrysler then went south on Airport Rd at a high rate of speed with law enforcement vehicles pursuing. The white Chrysler wrecked at Chickamauga Avenue and E Brainerd Road. Three people in the Chrysler fled on foot heading west across E Brainerd Road. The three people were identified as George, Perry Thomas, and Darious Woods and were taken into custody. 

Anthony George was found to be carrying on his person a pistol holster, crack cocaine with three clear plastic bags, and $570 in cash. There were two firearms found inside the Chrysler, a Glock model 22 .40 caliber and Keltec 9mm. The Glock 22 was found to be stolen out of Chattanooga. Anthony J. George has been charged with Evade Arrest, Aggravated Robbery, Reckless Endangerment, and other charges. His bond has been set at $295,000, he will appear in court on September 15th. 

Perry Thomas has been charged with Violation of Probation (Robbery). His bond has been set at $4500. Darious Woods has been charged with Evading Arrest and his bond was set at $2500.