UPDATE: A man charged with the deadly 2016 shooting of a fleeing suspect at the Bradley County landfill has been found guilty of second-degree murder.

Mark Steven Treuchet was indicted by a Bradley County Grand Jury in 2017 for first degree murder, but the jury opted for the lesser charge Friday.

Treuchet was returned to custody after the verdict was read, and will be sentenced October 5, 2018.

PREVIOUS STORY: Santek released the following statement Monday:

"The Santek Waste Services family continues to grieve for the loss of life and the tragic turn of events that occurred at the Bradley County Landfill last September. We have every confidence in our judicial system and pray this situation will be brought to a just conclusion." 

PREVIOUS STORY: The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation have arrested an Alabama man in a shooting death that occurred in September at the Bradley County Landfill.

TBI agents began investigating the shooting death on September 8, 2016, at the request of Bradley County District Attorney General, Steve Crump. 24-year old, Jeremy Headley was found deceased as the result of the shooting. During the course of the investigation, TBI agents found information that led them to 54-year-old Mark Steven Treuchet as the person responsible for Headley's death.

On Wednesday, the Bradley County Grand Jury returned an indictment that charged Treuchet with First Degree Murder. Early Sunday, Treuchet was taken into custody after turning himself in to a TBI Special Agent. He was booked into the Bradley County Jail and is being held without bond pending arraignment.

PREVIOUS STORY: State investigators are still piecing together the details surrounding a chase on Thursday that left one suspect in custody and the other dead.

32-year-old Daniel Warren was arrested and 24-year-old Jeremy Headley was killed by a worker on site at the Bradley County Landfill, which is managed by Santek Waste Services.

The Bradley County 911 Communication's Center received a call reporting a shooting at the landfill around 5 p.m., a short time after Thursday's manhunt near Bancroft Road in Bradley County was called off. When they arrived on the scene, Headley was found dead.

"It was an independent contractor's employee that was actually helping us to conduct a new cell at the landfill that was involved with the shooting," said Cheryl Dunson, Executive vice President of Marketing at Santek.

Dunson said this is the first time an incident like this has happened since they began managing the landfill for Bradley County 28 years ago.

We're told the employee was employed by Wright Brother's Contracting, Inc. The company is currently a contractor for Santek and is constructing a new area on the landfill.

They sent us this statement:

The tragic loss of life at the Bradley County Landfill on September 8, 2016 involved an employee of Wright Brothers Contracting. Wright Brothers is currently a contractor for Santek Waste Services and is constructing a new area of the landfill. At this time, this incident is under investigation by local and state officials, and we are cooperating with all law enforcement agencies. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with the families of those involved.

Meigs County Sheriff Jackie Melton said his officers believe Headley was unarmed during Thursday's manhunt.

"My officer seen him leave he was open-handed and nothing on him they could tell there was nothing on him," said Melton.

But following the shooting investigators say they aren't sure yet what happened in the moments leading up to the shooting and are not releasing the employee's name. In addition, no charges have been filed in connection to the shooting.

Warren was charged with Felony Reckless Endangerment by the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office on Thursday, and is now facing additional charges in Meigs County. They include:

  • Driving on revoked driver's license
  • Aggravated assault
  • Possession of weapon while in commission of felony
  • Evading arrest motor vehicle
  • Reckless Endangerment

Warren also has a warrant for Desertion from the Armed Forces.

The TBI is continuing to investigate.

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PREVIOUS STORY: Two men led police on a car chase spanning several counties, forcing a manhunt in Bradley Count on Thursday.

One of the suspects was shot and killed at a landfill. Police were not involved in the shooting. Investigators said the shooter was a private citizen, an employee at the landfill.

We're told the landfill worker was not hurt during the shooting, but it's still not clear why shots were fired in the first place.

"We dispatched officers out here, and the gentleman was lying on the ground," said Bradley Co. Sheriff Eric Watson.

One of the car chase suspects, Jeremy Headley, was dead at a Bradley County landfill. According to investigators, a Santek Waste Services worker shot and killed Headley.

"We don't know who had a gun, however, the occupant from earlier is now deceased," Watson said.

Headley and Daniel Warren led officers on a car chase that started in Meigs County. The two took off during a traffic stop on Highway 58, ran a Meigs County patrol car off the road, and crossed into Hamilton County.

The pair then turned on Bancroft Road into Bradley County. That's where the suspects slammed into a Hamilton County deputy's car, before crashing into a field.

"The suspects did run. One was apprehended a short distance away from the vehicle," said Meigs Co. Sheriff Jackie Melton.

Warren was captured near the treeline, but Headley took off running. K-9s searched the ground, while helicopters flew overhead.

Before the shooting, Melton said it didn't appear the man was armed.

"My officers saw him leave. He was open-handed, had nothing," he said.

TBI agents have been called in to investigate. Their task now is to piece together the details.

Warren is facing several charges, including felony reckless endangerment. He was previously wanted for desertion from the Armed Forces.

PREVIOUS STORY: The second suspect in the Meigs County manhunt has been found shot to death at a Bradley County landfill this evening.

Bradley County Sheriff's deputies were called to a shooting at Santek Waste Services on Natures Way.

Bradley County Sheriff's Office spokesman James Bradford says 24-year-old Jeremy L. Headley was found shot to death.

Bradford says TBI agents are now investigating at the request of District Attorney Steve Crump.

Bradford says no deputies were involved in the shooting.

Channel 3 has a crew on the scene.

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PREVIOUS STORY: A multi-county pursuit has moved into Bradley County. Police say one suspect is in custody.

The second suspect is described by police as describe the second suspect as male, in his early 20s, wearing a black shirt, blue jeans/long pants, long scruffy hair and a tattoo on left side of his neck.

Meigs County dispatchers tell Channel 3 that the chase began after an attempted traffic stop Thursday. The suspect's vehicle swerved a couple of times, prompting an officer to stop the vehicle and investigate further.

The vehicle was stopped by a HCSO deputy, damaging the patrol unit. The deputy was not injured, according to HCSO spokesman Matt Lea.

The two suspects were found in the vehicle. One person was arrested, Daniel Warren, 32, and Jeremy L. Headley, 24.

Headley fled on foot once the vehicle stopped, prompting additional pursuit by police and deputies.

Warren has been charged with Felony Reckless Endangerment by the HCSO and also has outstanding charges in Meigs and possibly Bradley County as well. Warren also has a warrant for desertion from the Armed Forces.

Charges are pending on Headley.

Dispatchers say the chase began in Meigs County, moved through Hamilton and now authorities are in Bradley County in the Bancroft Road area near the Bradley County landfill.

Police K-9 units and SWAT teams have been brought to the scene.