There is a chance an arrest in this week's Crime Stoppers case can clear more than one crime on file. "When it's somebody that's got a credit card with somebody else's credit card information," said Collegedale Police Detective Bruce Cantrell, "they've done this a time or two before." However, we will start with the case at hand.

Our suspect made a few big buys on August 24th at the Collegedale Walmart with a fake credit card, one that had been phonied up with a stolen number. "He purchased two gift cards for $500 each and one for $400 and two other small other transactions," explained Det. Cantrell.

The victim only noticed the problem when she checked her balance. Her credit card was still in her possession, but the information had been skimmed somehow without her knowledge. The good thing is, we have quality pictures of the suspect. "We have a good face shot of the suspect leaving the store and video of him actually at the register signing the swipe pad," said Cantrell. "All we know at this time is that it was a black male, probably about 6 feet tall with dark skin long dreadlocks." The pictures and video come from Walmart surveillance cameras on the day he used the stolen numbers. 

"He doesn't look like anybody that we dealt with so far," said Cantrell, "but I can tell he definitely had on green scrubs." If this clothing is not some sort of disguise, the detective says it could indicate the man works as a caregiver. Another piece to the puzzle, cameras outside provide us a look at his vehicle: a white Dodge Charger.

To avoid being a victim yourself, inspect the card machines every time and everywhere you use them. "Look for anything that looks out of the ordinary," said Cantrell. If it doesn't look like a normal card swipe, then check it again or ask somebody that works there or even go to another one."

It is a pretty cut-and-dry case. If you know the bad guy, you have already recognized him. Up to $1,000 reward cash is on the table. Make his crimes put money in your pocket! Up Call Crime Stoppers: 698-3333

If you get voice mail, leave a way for us to get back with you. We will have questions, but we will never ask your name or who you are.