UPDATE: It's often said that you can't wear white after Labor Day, but that's exactly what a group did to show unity in the Scenic City.

Hand in hand, dressed in white, members of the community marched together across the Walnut Street Bridge.

"You want to stand out today wearing our white in support of the call for the end of senseless gun violence,” Sharon Loving, event organizer said.

The Labor Day holiday brought more deadly shootings to Chattanooga, with two people killed and others wounded.
It’s why Loving organized a peaceful rally calling for change.

"Even though you don't know the person personally still affects you deeply because what happens to one directly or in directly impacts us all,” Loving added.

Tuesday Chattanooga Police Chief Fred Fletcher and District Attorney General Neal Pinkston joined the walk to promote peace and solidarity.

"When the community works together like you see on this bridge we can bring people to justice,” Chief Fletcher said.

Community leaders joined in prayer asking for no more bloodshed.

"We're here on the bridge to hopefully bridge all parties just for anyone who feels they want to do something and help the problem,” Loving said.

Not wearing white after Labor Day is a just tradition to some, but for others it's a statement, calling for an end to violence.

"Just knowing in your heart and mind that you are doing something other than sitting at home feeling frustrated this is something we can all do,” Loving said.

Those in attendance say they hope events like this bring the people together and promote what you can do, versus can't do in the community. 

ORIGINAL STORY: It's often been said that you shouldn't wear white after Labor Day.

However, a group called "No More Blood Shed" in Chattanooga is encouraging the community to wear white Tuesday to promote peace and solidarity.

This year group said they are breaking “fashion faux pas,” for a good cause, to call for an end to senseless gun violence in all affected communities.

The event organizer tells Channel 3 the community is invited to join them along with Chattanooga leaders and other interested citizens will meet for rally noon Tuesday, September 6th on the Walnut Street Bridge.

Chattanooga Police Chief Fred Fletcher & District Attorney General Neal Pinkston will join in the event.