A fire gutted the inside of a home in Polk County leaving one woman and her three children without a place to sleep on Saturday. It happened on Old Federal Road in Old Fort.

Around 30 firefighters from different fire departments ended up at the mobile home in Polk County. Those who arrived first said they noticed heavy smoke throughout it.

Firefighters said a woman was inside when the fire started.

"She advised that she was in a bedroom, came out, noticed heavy smoke in the structure, exited the structure, went across the street to a residence and called for fire," Chief Steven Lofty of the West Polk Fire and Rescue said.

Lofty said the woman was the only one inside at the time. She rents the mobile home.

Right now, firefighters aren't calling it a total loss, but said there was plenty of damage.

Lofty told Channel 3 they ran into a problem while trying to put out the fire.

"It was extremely hot. In these situations, these firefighters are wearing a winter suit and our problem here was it was a lot of heat and the heat in the atmosphere and it didn't take them long to burn out before we were having to get help in to control this. It's a very dangerous job," Lofty said.

That's why firefighters from other nearby areas were called into help. At this point, they aren't sure what exactly caused the fire.

The fire chief said the property owner has insurance for the mobile home. Investigators will be taking a closer look at the home to determine the cause of the fire. Investigators say the home is a total loss.