Broken instruments are just one issue students are dealing with at one Hamilton high school.

Cracks are starting to show in the Brainerd high marching panther band.

A lack of funding for the school's music program is forcing students to use instruments that are falling apart and keeping them home when the football team travels.

In Room 101, the panther marching band gets ready for their Friday night performance.

"When I play an instrument it makes me feel like I’m not even here just takes me to a different place,” Trumpet Player Markell Davenport said.

Instead of spending all their time practicing songs, students are making repairs to aging instruments.

The school's Band Director, Tracey Frazier took a few years off after teaching for more than two decades. When she returned this year she said the program had no operating budget.

"What I try to do is make sure we have the best of everything, if we don't have the best of everything we have to make do with what we have,” Frazier said.

Frazier said budget cuts to performing arts programs across the district have forced bands like Brainerd’s to find other means to make sure the beat goes on.

"I want my students here to receive the same music education they would receive at any school,” Frazier added.

For students like Kaila Carr, music is an outlet, and a chance for students to be a part of something positive in the community.

"You wouldn't believe that kid you just saw the other day could've been on the news shooting someone else's child and then music gives them an outlet in an opportunity to grow,” Carr said.

Some might see broken instruments as a setback for a high school band. But for the Brainerd High School Marching Panther Band they aren't letting a few bumps and dents keep them from marching on.

"It's like you can hear yourself and then you hear the echo on the other side and do you feel like that's me. It’s me playing and everybody can here you,” Carr added.

This season the band only had two home games. The rest are away. The band director said for now they'll have to decide pay for travel or repair their instruments.

The Brainerd High School Marching band is relying on donations and fundraisers this season.

If you would like to support the program contact Tracey Frazier at Brainerd High School 423-855-2615.