A 2015 pharmacy robbery appears to have been solved using DNA evidence.

In January of 2015 a person came into Mike’s Pharmacy in Tracy City armed with a handgun and demanded drugs from the employees of the pharmacy. 

Police say the robber was disguised by wearing extra clothes to make them look larger than normal and was wearing a stocking over their face. 

The robber was specific in the request for drugs and took 500 Xanax and 200 Oxycodone at gunpoint and then left out the rear entrance to the building.

During the original investigation, the clothes worn by the robber were discovered behind a nearby church. These clothes were sent to the TBI for DNA analysis.  

On August 8th, 2015 a pharmacy was robbed at gunpoint in Manchester, Tennessee and the suspect was caught still on the property and arrested. That person was Rhonda Kay Davis from Grundy County. 

Tracy City Police Chief Wilder went to Manchester to interview the suspect and while there, noticed similarities between that person and his suspect in the Tracy City Robbery.

Chief Wilder obtained DNA swabs from the suspect and sent those to TBI as well. The DNA was a positive match to Rhonda Davis.

Davis is currently being held in the Grundy County Jail without a bond. Her arraignment is set for September 14th.