Mocs Football's first game of the season on Thursday was also the first night college football fans could buy a beer inside Finley Stadium.

Officials hope selling beer will help fill more seats at Mocs games. Fans we talked to said drinking a cold one makes watching the game even better.

"Beer and football have always gone together," said Mocs fan Bob Weir.

For the first time on Thursday, Mocs Football fans could enjoy both inside Finley Stadium.

Starting with their home opener, beer is on sale at Finley's West Plaza, overlooking the football field.

"It just makes for a nice atmosphere," Weir said, "It's very relaxing, and a lot of fun."

UTC students like Colby Robinson agree.

"I love that we can finally drink it here, but it kind of sucks that we can only drink it here in this little pavilion area, though," Robinson said. "We want go to the stands and sit down and drink it, but still, the fact that they have beer is pretty great."

Officials believe beer will help sell more tickets. Students who aren't traditional football fans, like Mary Ripley, said beer sales are a game-changer.

"Most of the games, I would literally just tailgate and not go to the games," she said. "So having the ability to (drink beer) in here, and go and watch the game, that's awesome."

"We've always been legally able to sell beer, in the stands, we could sell it everywhere, just like we do for CFC games," said Paul Smith, Finley Stadium Executive Director. "But for a university, with protocols and responsibilities, it's different than a privately held soccer team."

"It just adds a nice environment, to drink responsibly and enjoy football," he added.

Beer is already sold during CFC games at Finley, and it's a big money-maker. Fans spent more than $77,000 on alcohol in the six home games last year.