If your Labor Day weekend plans involve eating out, we have some good news – there are no restaurant failures this week in either Hamilton County or north Georgia.

If you’re looking to squeeze in another summer treat before the unofficial start to fall, however, one local ice cream parlor has some cleaning up to do.

Baskin Robbins at 4767 Highway 58 scored a 74. Inspectors found food products stored on the floor, insecticide kept near bulk foods, dirty floors behind and under equipment, cabinets with dirty interiors and no paper towels at the hand sink.

Fortune House at 1210 Taft Highway in Signal Mountain didn’t fare much better with a 75. The restaurant lost points for keeping a bag of onions on a wet floor in the cooler, condensation dripping into uncovered chicken in the cooler, dented food cans, a dust buildup on the ceiling and an employee umbrella stored on top of fortune cookies.

Several restaurants across the area earned perfect scores. Congratulations to:

  • Old Plantation BBQ, 1515 Dodson Avenue, Chattanooga
  • Kozy Cooking, 739 Ashland Terrace, Chattanooga
  • Tupelo Honey Café, 1110 Market Street, Chattanooga
  • Sweet Angel Cakes, 6331 East Brainerd Road, Chattanooga
  • Cindy’s Custom Cakes, 4830 Highway 58, Chattanooga
  • McDonald’s, 3414 Amnicola Highway, Chattanooga

The following scores round out the evaluations in Hamilton County:

  • Sitar Indian Restaurant, 200 Market Street, Chattanooga: 91
  • Sluggo’s North, 505 Cherokee Boulevard, Chattanooga: 91
  • Wally’s, 1101 McCallie Avenue, Chattanooga: 94
  • Taco Mamacita, 109 Market Street, Chattanooga: 95
  • Bea’s Restaurant, 4500 Dodds Avenue, Chattanooga: 96
  • Hardee’s, 4831 Highway 58, Chattanooga: 96
  • Golden Corral, 1808 Gunbarrel Road, Chattanooga: 97
  • McDonald’s, 8601 Hixson Pike, Hixson: 97
  • Carrabba’s, 2040 Hamilton Place Boulevard, Chattanooga: 97
  • 517 Subs, 1210 Taft Highway, Signal Mountain: 97
  • Two Squares, 3399 Amnicola Highway, Chattanooga: 97
  • Gondolier pizza, 6901 Lee Highway, Chattanooga: 98
  • Starbucks, 827 Broad Street, Chattanooga: 98
  • Track’s End, 3435 Amnicola Highway, Chattanooga: 98
  • The Blooming Pot, 1315 Dodds Avenue, Chattanooga: 98
  • Four Corners Café, 9408 Apison Pike, Ooltewah: 99
  • Taco Bell, 5439 Highway 153, Hixson: 99
  • G’s Detroit Sausage, 611 M. L. King Boulevard, Chattanooga: 99

If you’re in Hamilton County and you have a complaint about a pool, restaurant, health care facility, daycare or gym, call the Hamilton County Health Department Hot Line at (423) 209-8110. In north Georgia, call the local health department.