UPDATE: The couple wanted by the Catoosa County Sheriff's Department for a paving scam that targeted elderly homeowners have been arrested.

Rosemary Frame and Willie Anthony Jeffery were arrested in the middle of a second driveway scam.

Channel 3 reported on one of their victims in late August. The woman was bilked out of over $2,000 by the duo.

The two have been operating in the North Georgia/Chattanooga area, knocking on doors and asking if the homeowner would like their driveway paved or repaired. When the work is "done," the couple then dramatically raises the price for the work.

Investigators received a tip about the suspects from a concerned citizen. 

When they went to Tennessee Street in Ringgold they found them in the process of scamming someone else. The victim had already handed money over to the couple.

Police are concerned there may be other victims in the area who haven’t reported it.

If anyone has been approached and paid money to these two people involving a driveway scam or any other type of scam please contact your respective law enforcement agency or the Catoosa County Sheriff’s Office.

PREVIOUS STORY: Local seniors are the latest target of scam artists, promising to do handy work around their homes. They promise one price in the beginning but end up charging more than seven times that amount.

A man told a 78-year-old woman his paving crew had extra materials left over from an earlier job and could offer a reduced price. When it was all finished she had to write a bigger check and the driveway was only partially finished. Now she hopes her mistake is a lesson for everyone.

The great - grandmother was eating breakfast when a man knocked on her door. “This man came to the door and wanted to redo my driveway. I told him I was not ready for that. I knew it needed it, but I would call somebody,” said the 78 year old.

With a little convincing, she finally agreed. The man promised to do the job for $300.  “When he told me it was through, and said it was $2,250 I almost dropped them, I don't have false teeth, but it was sad.” Annoyed, she wrote the check. “I was so mad at myself, I wanted to cry, but I couldn't I was mad at myself for being so stupid.”

Surveillance video shows the duo at a local bank. The woman used a Texas driver's license to cash the check. “They hit an area and be gone before people recognized them,” said Captain Chris Lyons with the Catoosa County Sheriff’s Department. He said it is nationwide scam targeting the elderly. “If something seems too good to be true it probably is too good to be true. Make sure it is a reputable company and individual.”

The victim said she won't let anyone else in her home looking to do handy work. “If I ever go to the door I'll tell them no and shut the door.” and said it is a lesson learned the hard way. “Always hated hearing this about anyone, then here I go, I'm stupid too, I make mistakes. It must have been a senior moment.”

Anyone with information about the two individuals is asked to contact Detective Mike Helton at the Catoosa County Sheriff's Office, at (706)935-2424 ext. 1004.

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