UPDATE: A fire Tuesday night at the TVA's Watts Bar Nuclear plant was safely extinguished by the on-site fire brigade with no injuries, according to a news release.

The fire, in a Unit 2 main bank transformer, happened about 9:20pm. It prompted what is called an "Unusual Event" and is the least significant of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s emergency classification levels.

The station’s operators responded to the incident and executed their emergency response actions and followed up "in accordance with their training."

The TVA says that public, employee and nuclear safety were maintained at all times. Off-site fire personnel also responded to the station.

Site Vice President Paul Simmons said the team will build on the initial assessment of plant equipment, ensuring that Unit I remains safe and they are developing a detailed recovery response plan for Unit 2. 

Equipment in the switchyard that was involved will be evaluated and repaired as necessary, which should help determine the cause of the fire.

PREVIOUS STORY: Everything was back to normal after a fire was reported at the Watts Bar Nuclear Plant Tuesday night.

It happened around 9:20 p.m. when  a failed transformer caused a fire. A spokesperson for Tennessee Valley Authority, Jim Hopson, says the fire was on-site and was extinguished by station personnel.

No one was injured and there was no danger to public. Due to the contents inside the transformer,  as a precaution fire crews were called. However the fire was out before they arrived. 

Officials say because of preparation the company was able to quickly  resume normal operations. 

"Operating a safe nuclear plan is to be prepared for any type of events that could happen including fires such as this it's part of the training and preparation and allowed us to quickly respond and safely extinguish the fire with no injuries to plant personnel and certainly not causing any problems to the general public, Hopson said.

Meigs and Rhea County responded to the call.