Vandals hit a North Georgia Elementary School causing quite a bit of damage for teachers and staff to clean up. 
Walker County deputies say they need your help finding the culprits responsible.

Cherokee Ridge Elementary School officials say the vandals wrote graffiti all over the school sidewalks, rooftop and playground. Teachers discovered vandalism on the campus Monday morning.  Deputies believe it happened sometime over the weekend. 

" This is very much our home, we call ourselves a family of t-birds and it's very troubling that somebody would do this," said Principal Lori Vann. 

Principal Vann can't understand why anyone would want to hurt an elementary school. Vandals left dirty messages for innocent eyes to find. 

" There were some very vulgar things on the roof and then there was some words and things on the playground," said Vann. " It looks as though a motorcycle had been driving on the playground and there was some damage around there." 

 The orange graffiti was limited to one wall, a portion of a sidewalk, an area on the roof and some minor damage to the playground. The person responsible, gained access to the roof by climbing this cooling tower. Teachers and staff wasted no time in cleaning it up. They wanted to get it off before  the kids could see it for themselves. 

 "As soon as the kids started understanding what was going on you could feel the sense of pride of you don't do things to our school," said Vann. " It hurt them to know that somebody would do this to our school."

Teachers  covered the roof shingles with new spray paint and scrubbed the sidewalks clean. The kids hit the playground on Tuesday, without any worries. 
Principal Vann is turning this negative into a positive with a life lesson. She is reminding students "you should always treat others the way you would want to be treated."

" Resilience is who we are, we will keep coming back and that's who we are and that's who we want our kids to be," said Vann. "You know this little incident is not going to slow us down." 

If you have any information that can help investigators call the Walker County Sheriff's Department. You can also leave an anonymous tip on the sheriff department's website. 

Walker County Sheriff's Deputies are investigating an act of vandalism at Cherokee Ridge Elementary School. 

On Monday, teachers discovered vandalism on the campus that apparently happened over the weekend. 

The orange graffiti was limited to one wall, a portion of a sidewalk, an area on the roof and some minor damage to the playground. Deputies say the vandal trespassed on the property riding a motorcycle and then gained access to the roof by climbing a cooling tower. 

The graffiti was addressed immediately by school staff. The school's principal says she and other teachers worked to cover the graffiti with spray paint, before any children could see it for themselves at dismissal. 

Anyone with information is asked to call the Walker County Sheriff's Dept. Anonymous tips can be made on the Sheriff's Department Website: