UPDATE: A Hamilton County judge heard several first-hand accounts of how their lives were put in danger by a man they say led a chase the wrong way on Interstate 75 this month. 

The state laid out dozens of charges against James "Bryan" Miller that range from carjacking, aggravated assault all the way down to theft and burglary. 

Judge Lila Statom chose to increase bond on four of the six charges against Miller, saying he's a danger to law enforcement and the public. 

"The gate that was now attached to the back of the SUV, slams around and slams into the side of my police vehicle," Chattanooga Police Officer, Ty Cooper testified. 

"He was coming at me head on. I know I was either going to be seriously hurt or injured just from that impact," Chattanooga Police Officer Jamie Barrow testified. 

Two officers shared their accounts of how they believe Miller came within inches of hurting them as he fled.

Barrow even described firing two shots through her windshield as Miller drove directly toward the cruiser she was in on I-75. 

"Did he make any maneuver to turn away from you before you fired the shots at him?" Violent Crimes Prosecutor Lance Pope asked. 

"Not that I could see," Borrow testified. 

Miller spent days on the run, triggering a statewide search before being captured at a Hixson apartment complex. 

One witness testified the black SUV he was in at the time of the arrest, was hers. 

"When I came home from work Friday night, I had the keys and Saturday when I went to look for the keys to go shopping with my daughter, they were gone and they weren't found until the car was stolen," Stacy Coleman testified. 

Coleman was one of several witnesses inside the courtroom Tuesday but most wouldn't get the chance to testify after Miller chose to waive the preliminary hearings in the less violent cases. 

But the testimony Judge Statom heard surround the most serious charges were enough for her to increase Miller's bond to $730,000 before sending the case to the grand jury. 

The other less violent cases were bound over the grand jury. 

PREVIOUS STORY: The man who led police on a high-speed chase, going against traffic on Interstate 75, was in court Tuesday.

Bryan Miller was caught and arrested several days after the chase, and was added to the TBI's Top 10 Most wanted List.

Miller is also facing several other charges that have come to light after his arrest earlier this month.

Several Chattanooga police officers fired their weapons during the chase when Miller is accused of using his car as a weapon to harm the officers.