After leading authorities on an 11-day cross-country search Michael Wilson, was detained in Colorado. He waived his extradition rights and appeared before a Bradley County judge Monday.

"I’m being persecuted for being a good father. I’m here because I was trying to save her from a neglected environment a discouraging environment she was in,” Michael Wilson said before he left the courtroom.

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Wilson is facing aggravated kidnapping charges for taking his non-custodial daughter, Skyla.

The two were found during a traffic stop in Grand Junction, Colorado. Channel 3 was there when he was returned back to Bradley County authorities.

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Marilyn Pippin is Wilson’s grandmother, she said Michael is a good father and was trying to protect his daughter.

"He's upset, you know? He said he really didn't care he'd lost everything in his world if he loses his children,” Pippin said.

Neither of Skyla’s parents have custody of her. Wilson’s mother is Skyla’s legal guardian.

Pippin said Wilson was in the middle of a custody battle to get his daughter back.

"All stressful it's torn our family apart. Unbearable, it's the worst thing I’ve ever been through,” Pippin described.

She acknowledges that Wilson shouldn't have run, but said he did what any parent would do.

"Michael’s child means everything to him I thought he was doing what was best,” Pippin said.    

Pippin says she is relying on her faith during this difficult time for her family.

Judge Sheridan Randolph set Wilson’s bond add a $500,000. He's expected to appear in court again on September 8th.