UPDATE: The Humane Educational Society is looking into allegations a child stabbed a puppy several times and left it to die. The injured dog was stabbed twice in the eye with a pocket knife. The call came in Thursday night from a home on Sevier Street, in Hixson. The puppy’s eye was stitched shut and is now recovering.

The 12-week-old terrier was brought to RIVER for emergency surgery. Veterinarians said she'll make a full recovery.

Found covered in ticks and with gravel in her belly, “The dog ran from the residence down to another home and the owners came down to retrieve and they said no we're calling the police,” said Executive Director of the Humane Educational Society Bob Citrullo.

Twelve-week-old Mika was stabbed twice in the eye, allegedly by a 10 year old boy. “Anytime a child is involved it is for us and for many very disturbing. It is upsetting, why did this happen. It raises a lot of questions about our young people.”

Mika's left eye needed emergency surgery. “We have to remove them, more commonly than you would believe and these dogs do just fine,” said RIVER Veterinarian Cheryl Braswell.

Despite the trauma to her head, the terrier is expected to make a full recovery. “The puppy did really well during surgery and recovered really well. Great spirits this morning.”

It is unclear if the 10 year old boy will face any charges. “What causes a young child to do something like this? What causes anyone to do this kind of thing?” said Citrullo.

Mika will remain in HES care until their questions are answered. “Very affectionate, recovered really well. Working with her, keeping her on her medicine, and continue to give her a lot of attention and affection.”

The 10 year old boy was at school Friday. The family has another dog that is also in HES custody. Officials said there are no signs the boy was defending himself but there's no word on a possible motive for the stabbing.

PREVIOUS STORY: HES officials tell Channel 3 that the injured dog was stabbed twice in the eye with a pocket knife. The dog, named Mika, had the eye stitched shut after the incident.

They also found the dog to be covered in ticks and even found gravel in his stomach.

HES will share additional information if and when the animal may be available for adoption.

PREVIOUS STORY: The Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office and the Humane Educational Society of Chattanooga are investigating a case of alleged animal cruelty that involves a 10-year old boy.

HES Executive Director Bob Citrullo told Channel 3 that the investigation into the alleged stabbing started when a young terrier ran towards a neighbor’s house, with the dog's face covered in blood.

The neighbor called police and police, in turn, called HES.

Citrullo said the dog had been stabbed multiple times in the face.

The dog will survive, but has lost the eye where it received the stab wound.