Nurses at Erlanger are responding to the Louisiana flooding after their counterparts sent out a call for help on social media.

The nurses are joining forces with other Erlanger employees and suppliers to gather supplies and load them onto an 18-wheelers headed to the flood-stricken region.

The truck, packed with donated supplies will from Erlanger Friday afternoon and is headed to Ochsner Medical Center and Baton Rouge General Medical Center (BRGMC) in Louisiana.

Supplies such as clothing, scrubs, and hand sanitizer have been donated by Erlanger associates and suppliers, accroring to a news release.

Those goods will be delivered directly to the two Louisiana hospitals to specifically benefit the facilities, their patients, and their employees.

At BRGMC, for example, 44 hospital employees displaced by floods are temporarily living at the hospital, and some four dozen patients at Oschner had to be evacuated from the facility by air and ground transport due to flooded conditions.