From the time this crime happened the evening of August 10th, you could tell, things were different. A visibly angry Chief Fred Fletcher called a press conference the next morning. "Listen to me," he insisted. "These cowards shot a baby." 

A group of people had gathered on the front porch of the Alton Park home around 10:00. "That's when the suspect vehicle drove by and they began firing at the crowd," explained Chattanooga Police Officer Victor Miller.

Garrison Palmer, just 22-months old was struck in the leg by a bullet. 

Yes, it is believed this incident was gang related. Yes, they had gathered to celebrate a member's release from jail. But, this child was the gang's collateral damage. Another group's petty beef sent him to the hospital.

"Anytime a child is injured, we take it very seriously," said Officer Miller. "Even if you think it is gang member on gang member and that was the intention, this was a child that was injured and does not deserve to be in this predicament." 

The day after the shooting, we talked to residents and neighbors who are upset and scared. Garrison's mother, showing incredible bravery, is putting herself out there. "She's trying her best to go out in the community," Miller explained. She's canvassing the community, herself, trying to get people to come forward. She's trying to get information the best which she can."
Here is where you can help. Police know there were at least two black males in the car. "That vehicle is a red or maroon four-door sedan, possibly a Toyota, that fled the scene," said Miller.

Even the DA's office has a number of prosecutors and investigators on this case, working with the CPD. "Hopefully what it shows people out there that have information is that there are still investigations on going and that people are interested," said District Attorney General Neal Pinkston. "And it also shows the trust and the relationship between all the agencies working together."

We have up to $1,000 reward if you know anything and no one will ever know you helped. "When you call in, you'll more than likely speak with me," Officer Miller said, "and I'll let you know then that it's confidential; that any information that you tell me I will provide that information to investigators, as far as the tip, but you never have to give your name and I'll never ask for your name at any point."

If you know anything, you can help restore peace to this neighborhood. police department, this city, and certainly this mother. You need the Crime Stoppers number: 423-698-3333.

Our money is on the table and we will never ask who you are.