Some residents in Spring City, Rhea County say they're afraid to bathe or have a glass of tap water because the water is "dirty."

Workers with the public works department have been flushing water lines this past week and city hall officials say several complaints about "dirty water" have been filed. 

"We've had phone calls come in throughout, just sporadically throughout town saying they have experienced dirty looking water," says City manager Stephania Motes. "I think one said they had a smell to it." 

City manager Stephania Motes tells Channel 3, crews are doing their best to clean up the water that's been polluted for more than a week. 

"The water is safe, the disinfectant is there," Motes says. "The water department has checked all over town and they continue to check on a daily basis." 

Motes blames the heat, saying the substance is really a sediment from the water pipes.

"The heat and how dry it's been, we just have to continuously flush that through the lines until it gets out," says Motes. 

City officials say the water is expected to be cleared up within the next couple of days.

If you are experiencing any problems, call Spring City City Hall at (423) 365-644.

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