Two children at a North Georgia school and church say they were molested by a construction worker on campus. 
It turns out that man was a convicted sex offender, hired by a church leader who knew about his past. 

Anthony Ray Stanley, 37 is behind bars charged with child molestation, deputies say he's a registered sex offender out of Whitfield County but somehow he was working construction at a school and church in Catoosa County, where he has now been accused of molesting two girls under the age of 10. 
Catoosa County Sheriff, Gary Sisk is upset about the alleged sexual assault on 2 underage girls at Dogwood Christian Academy. He doesn't understand how a registered sex offender was allowed to work on the property. 

"Little frustrated, again we try to do everything we can to make sure we don't put our children in harms way but there are times I guess or loopholes where sometimes that can happen and we entrust the adults around our children to try and watch after them as well," said Sheriff Gary Sisk, Catoosa County Sheriff's Dept.  

Anthony Ray Stanley was convicted of child molestation in 2002. He served 5 years of a 15 year sentence and was released on parole. It was church member Roy Gentry who hired Stanley to do construction on school property. 

He tells Channel 3, he met Stanley in prison while doing ministry work. He admitted to knowing about Stanley's past but said he truly believed he had changed and could be trusted. He also said the work on school property had been cleared by Stanley's parole officer but the state says that's not true. 

"Absolutely not, he would have been advised that to work at either of those locations would have been prohibited and he was given instruction that he would not be allowed to work in those locations," said James Hill, Public Relations Officer for Georgia Dept. of Community Supervision. "Our officers have advised they at no point in time gave the okay toward this individual for Stanley to work at that location nor was the officer aware the subject was at that location." "The supervision in this case was appropriate and the subject was in compliance until he violated the conditions of his release and broke the law." said James Hill. 

The two alleged victims told detectives Stanley touched and kissed one of them. Sisk says this is a good example of why background checks are needed at all schools. 

"Ask those questions, don't be afraid to and our sex offender list is public information so we have a hard copy here at the Sheriff's Office or you can see it on our website, that was mandated by law for all Georgia Sheriffs offices so they are available for you," said Sheriff Sisk. 

The Sheriff says anyone can have a free background check ran on themselves and then provide that paper work to their employer or anyone can come down and pay a fee to have a background check ran on someone else they are looking to hire. It's important to know that most background checks only check criminal records within the state that you live in. You should also ask authorities if the individual can be around children. 

"You know now a days you just cant be sure, employers have got to run criminal histories," said Sheriff Sisk. 

If you know someone is going to around children, there is a proper code that has to be entered into the search engine so authorities can search records nationwide. 

Stanley is being held without bond in the Catoosa County Jail.