UPDATE:  Officials say the victim fell off of the cliff after he jumped over a fence located below the Musuem's observation deck. He told firefighters the reason why he jumped. He believed somebody was chasing after him.

"I think that's a long drop, crazy," said Robbie Mayberry, local resident. 

Chattanoogans are in disbelief. 

"You'd think someone would be on drugs or drunk or something, to want to do that,"

They can't understand, how anyone could take this leap, about 80 to 100 feet above the Tennessee River. Officials say the man jumped over the wall and slid about 20 feet down the cliff, before grabbing onto brush. 

Captain, Tally Glover says it was the brush that saved him.

"From where that fence and gate were, its about 100 down, straight down the cliff right to the water so um if he had not caught the climbs, he would have fallen 100 feet and that would not have been a very good outcome," said Captain Glover.

Firefighters used rope rescue techniques to pull him back up. It was a tricky and dangerous operation for everyone involved, back on solid ground. The victim refused medical treatment.  Police say they have no formal complaint from the victim about the chase, that started it all.

"We rescued using our urban search and rescue rescue techniques and tied him off had one firefighter below him one firefighter above him and they helped basically pulled him out that way," said Captain Glover.

Officials say the victim only suffered minor scratches from falling into the bushes below. He's expected to be okay. 

PREVIOUS STORY: One person had to be rescue late Saturday night after he fell down the embankment toward the Tennessee River.

A Chattanooga Fire officials tells Channel 3 the man said he thought someone was after him.  He jumped over a wall and slid down the side of the river.

Crews were able to get the man out safely. 

We continue to update this story as more details become available.