In this week's Crime Stoppers case, the hustle may be the key to tracking our suspects down. On August 5th, around 6:00 in the evening at a phone store on Highway 58, some soon-to-be bad guys are seen on surveillance video casing their mark. The duo seem to be working the shoppers, trying to entice them to play a game of chance. "If you hear about someone using this red tab-type gambling game, that might be a clue that will help us," explained Chattanooga Police Officer Victor Miller.
They focus in on one man. "The victim told the suspect that he didn't want to play the game, that he had his own money," said Off. Miller. "He didn't want to win the money. So, then the suspect went around the store and asked the other patrons if they would play the games. They were just waiting on the victim to get done."
It is important to note, the crime did not occur until the victim left the store. That is when things became serious. "When he was outside," Miller continued, "he was approached by five black males. One of the suspects had a gun and they demanded all of his money." 
He smartly complied. They took his cash. Some of the five ran behind the store, others took off across busy Highway 58.
The two we are looking for are in the store video and if you know them, you have likely already recognized them. "They're wearing pretty stand-out clothes," said Miller. "One of the suspects had orange shorts. The other one had a Braves hat. One of them has pretty distinctive hair that's pulled back in braids."
Do not forget the pull-tab gambling game. Maybe you have seen someone running that scam or you have played, yourself. Your information could be worth honest cash. "Were hoping the cash reward of up to $1000 will encourage the person to come forward and provide information detectives can use to solve the case," Off. Miller said.
If you know anything about these criminals or this crime, call Crime Stoppers: 698-3333
Leave a way for Officer Miller to get back with you if you get  voicemail. He will have questions but will never ask your name.