Chattanooga police are looking for a third person who helped a pair of teens rob a disabled man at gunpoint in his driveway.  

It happened Tuesday, August 2nd, just after dark on Wheeler Avenue.  

Anthony Slater tells Channel 3, he had just got home from visiting a friend when a gray Honda pulled up and blocked him in. As the driver was getting out, two black men came from the side of the house behind him. One of the suspects then got into the backseat of Slater's car with a handgun and demanded money. 

"You got a disabled person, why would you want to rob somebody disabled," said Anthony Slater. " I mean instead of going out there and working for what you want."

It's a question the former security guard has been wrestling with all week. 

"It happened so quick, I couldn't believe it. I was looking at the car that blocked me in and the guy that had dreads, I wasn't looking behind me at somebody coming in my passenger door," said Slater. "By the time I'm looking at that person, I'm looking at a 9mm gun in my face."

The suspects got away with the basket that attached to his walker, it held his wallet, some cash and his Smith and Wesson 9mm Pistol. Slater says he didn't fight back because life is too precious 

 "It's not worth it, it's not worth it because he could have lost his life in that car the same way I could have lost my life," said Slater. 

Slater knows better than most how one moment can change everything. The 45-year-old has been unable to walk since a student driver, hit him in a head-on crash, two years ago. He says having freedom with his walker, helped save his spirit. 

"Yes and faith, don't stay in the house all the time, get out and mingle, talk to your neighbor," said Slater.

Being  a part of the neighborhood watch program also helped Slater identify at least two of the suspects. Police charged 18-year-old, Trevonte Render with Aggravated Robbery, a 15-year-old juvenile is also charged. The third suspect, who blocked in his car, is still at large. 

"Sooner or later the police are going to catch you," said Slater. " If he'd do it to me, he'll do it to somebody else."

Trevonte Render is out on a $25,000 dollars bond, he's due back in court August 23rd. The third suspect is described as a tall black male with shoulder length dreadlocks, driving a gray Honda.If you know him or have any information that can help investigators call Chattanooga police at 423-698-2525.