A new multi-million dollar elementary school in Hamilton County is about to open its doors to students for the start of a new school year.

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When the bell rings for the first day of school at Middle Valley Elementary it won't just signify a new school year, but a new beginning for students in Hixson.

Middle Valley's principal Allyson DeYoung said the old buildings at Falling Water Elementary and Ganns Middle Valley Elementary were crowded and needed repair to best prepare students for their futures.

DeYoung is thrilled that students and faculty will no longer have to cram in their new building.

"It’s 150,000 square feet that's huge, it's massive! What I see is space, space to accommodate the number of children that we have,” DeYoung said.

Hamilton County commissioners approved the $29,000,000 project in March of 2015.

Each classroom is equipped with a 70-inch monitor and an Apple TV.

Design teams worked to preserve the history of the old buildings so student walking the halls won't forget those who paved the way.

Canvases on each side of the school show pictures of those who attended the old school

"We also have two trophy cases in our front hallway. One will be dedicated to Falling Water Elementary and one will be dedicated to Ganns Middle Valley Elementary to celebrate those histories,” DeYoung added.

So far, DeYoung says 800 students are enrolled for the school year and expects that number to grow.

Students, parents and the community will spend the next year determining things like the mascot and school colors, but for, now they say the motto is, ‘A year of new beginnings. ‘

Traffic is expected to be a busy first day at Middle Valley,Thursday. School officials are asking all cars to enter off of Thrasher Pike.