Major upgrades are on the way for the former Superior Creek Lodge property, which is expected to reopen under new ownership in a couple of months. Code inspectors condemned the extended stay motel nearly a year ago, which displaced 1,500 people and left many with nowhere else to go.

There's a new sign, fresh paint, and a different vision for what will now be called the Budgetel Inn. Managers said it'll be a new chapter for a business that was considered an eyesore in the community.

Mike Ashley of J.D.H. Developers based in Atlanta said hundreds of man hours and more than a million dollars have been poured into transforming the property. Cleaning it up was a big job in itself, but now they're in the middle of remodeling all 266 rooms with new flooring, paint, and cabinets to name a few upgrades.

One of the more noticeable differences from the outside will be a guard station that will be manned all hours of the day.

"The conditions were deplorable. There was lots of decay. The walls, we had problems with structural," Mike Ashley of J.D.H. Developers said.

About a year ago, hundreds of families were forced out from Superior Creek Lodge after an inspector condemned all four buildings. Since then, new owners bought the business and want to bring a positive image to the area.

"180 degrees from where they were at. This will be a fire safe property. It will be a clean property. It will have new plumbing fixtures, new HVAC," Ashley said.

In May, East Ridge's Chief Building Official sent a letter to J.D.H. Developers letting them know "the scope of work completed appears to be in compliance with the design drawings for the project."

Follow up inspections how they've stayed on course.

"They don't want the look of what they had before and they want everybody to know this isn't what was here, that this is a new start," Kenny Custer, East Ridge's Fire Marshal and Codes Supervisor said.

Custer said the new owners are busy bringing everything up to code and even going beyond that. One issue included the railings on the balconies.

"It could be a good addition. That's what the city is wanting. The city is wanting a business partner," Custer said.

In the past, some business owners nearby have voiced concerns about Superior Creek Lodge as their neighbor.

"There was just a lot of transient activity. People coming in and out all the time over there. They would be over here in our parking lots trying to talk to our customers and our vendors about giving them money, giving them help," Luke Stewart of the Green Briar Antique Merchants said.

While some worry the new Budgetel Inn could bring similar problems, others believe that won't be the case.

"I think that the mistakes have been made and hopefully people have learned from it. So, going forward it's going to be more of the extended stay place that the community needs as opposed to what it had become," Stewart said.

Once everything is repaired and remodeled, it'll take another inspection before the property is no longer condemned and people can start staying there. Managers said they hope to have it open by October.

Budgetel Inn has locations across the country including Atlanta, Dalton, and Memphis.