UPDATE: The case against a man charged in last weekend’s fatal crash on Amnicola Highway will now head to a grand jury.
Timothy Nerren appeared in Hamilton County General Sessions Court Friday morning, where Judge Clarence Shattuck found enough evidence against him to send the case on to a grand jury.

A grand jury will be tasked with deciding to indict Nerren on charges of vehicular homicide, driving under the influence of narcotics and violation of a traffic control device.

PREVIOUS STORY: A Chattanooga man was arrested in this weekend's fatal crash on Amnicola Highway.

Timothy Nerren, 36, faces multiple charges including vehicular homicide involving drugs and/or driving under the influence of narcotics and violation of a traffic control device.

Police said Nerren ran a red light driving south on Amnicola Highway and crashed into the driver's side door of another car. The crash killed 59-year-old Gregory Kirton and critically injured his passenger, 26-year-old Vivana Kirton.

Police were looking for the same blue jeep involved in Sunday's fatal crash minutes before that crash happened.

Someone called police from a store on Bonny Oaks Drive to report a person who appeared to be under the influence.

Channel 3 obtained surveillance video that shows a car with the same description at that location on Bonny Oaks Drive. Store owners from the complex on Bonny Oaks Drive said they handed over the same surveillance video to Chattanooga Police.

The video shows a blue jeep driving over a curb and swerving to hit a tree before entering the parking lot.

The driver of the jeep can be seen on tape for about 30 minutes before speeding off again.

It was the encounter in that parking lot that prompted police response.

A concerned citizen called police to report an impaired person and while officers were on their way to check it out they drove up to the fatal crash scene.

"So as they were responding to that disorder they encountered the crash scene," said Officer Rob Simmons.

Police said the car Timothy Nerren was driving matched the description of the impaired driver from the parking lot.
Nerren is charged with vehicular homicide and DUI.
Police said he was under the influence of drugs when he ran a red light on Amnicola highway and crashed into another car, killing the driver and critically injuring his passenger.

From the time of the 911 call to 911 to the time of the fatal crash, just 9 minutes had passed.

Nerren was given several field sobriety tests on Amnicola Highway and failed all of them. He answers to charges in court on Friday.

Officer Simmons commends the 911 caller in this situation did everything right by trying to prevent the crash and encourages others to do the same if they are ever in the same situation.

"And those things will help us narrow down a road full of motorists and be able to stop and prevent him from driving any more," Simmons said.

Simmons said when reporting a suspected impaired driver be sure to include as many details as possible.

"We would ask that they give the vehicle description, the direction of travel, the road they were on, and if they could and saw the driver, a description of the driver," he said.

Those details could change the priority of the call, improving police response times.

"A suspicious person in the park compared to a suspicious person in the park who's trying to lead children away, if they left out that little detail we would prioritize that call at a different level than the other one," Simmons said.

PREVIOUS STORY: One person was killed in a crash today on Amnicola Highway.

Police say a silver sedan was exiting from Highway 153 onto the southbound lanes of Amnicola when it was hit by a blue jeep that was also moving south on Amnicola.

The driver of the sedan was pronounced dead on the scene. The passenger in the sedan was taken to a local hospital with unknown injuries.

The driver of the jeep refused medical treatment and is being questioned by police as part of the investigation.

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