Police are trying to figure out who shot three people, including one person under 18, in East Chattanooga on Sunday. They said the shooting happened on Dodson Avenue and the people responsible drove off.

Around the same time that happened, officers spotted another car they believed to be connected to the shooting near that crime scene, which sparked a police chase.

"I was up here trying to get car service today. He came within three feet of hitting me. I thought this was going to be my judgement day," Louis Casey, a witness said.

Casey told Channel 3 he was looking in his rear view mirror when a white SUV sped past him with police right behind the driver. Officers said they were chasing a car believed to be related to a shooting that happened on Dodson Avenue.

"We responded from information given to us from a community member that provided us with information that there was a possible other shooting that was going to occur, so we believe the officers that responded to that incident had stopped another shooting," Ofc. Victor Miller of the Chattanooga Police Department.

Police said three people were hurt in the Dodson Avenue shooting. All of them went to a nearby hospital and they're expected to be okay.

Investigators aren't sure who shot them, but they believe it's possibly gang related. They said the people responsible were driving another car, which was a newer Chevy Impala that's either tan or gray with dark tinted windows.

"Whatever is going on over there, i wish they would open their eyes and see this is not the way we're supposed to be going," Casey said.

It all ended in the Krystal parking lot with one man arrested. Casey is glad no one was hurt during the chase.

"He could have killed somebody or killed me. I mean 3 feet away, you're talking right off the road there. Just right off the white line where I was setting," Casey said.

If you have any information, call the Chattanooga Police Department.

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