Since the start of the spring season, University of Georgia has had three quarterbacks in the running for the Bulldogs starting spot. Now that fall camp is underway, first year Head Coach Kirby Smart will utilize the next couple weeks to help narrow down his decision. 

Returning starter Greyson Lambert, junior Brice Ramsey, and freshman Jacob Eason have been competing all off-season for the starting position. While some say Georgia coaches might be less inclined to give Eason his first start in UGA's opener against North Carolina, the former 5-star quarterback made quite the splash in the G-day game this spring. However, the Bulldogs are only six days into camp, and Coach Smart is nowhere near ready to make that decision just yet. 

"We've been rotating those guys and we've been spinning them, all three, kind of where they all three get to go with each group, and we're kind of taking it day by day" says Coach Smart. "I can't tell you that anybody stood out more than anybody else right now. It's too early. They are still in the installation process where sometimes that can be overwhelming. The second time you go back through the installation, you expect it to be a lot smoother."