Students nurses may benefit from the news of a collaboration between two area schools.

A letter of intent between Cleveland State and Chattanooga State will allow "the seamless continuation of nursing education on the Cleveland State campus" according to a news release.

This agreement was spawned by Cleveland State’s status with the Tennessee Board of Nursing, restricting the enrollment of new nursing student until the college reaches an 85% first-time NCLEX pass-rate.  

The status was reconfirmed Friday at the Tennessee Board of Nursing meeting in Nashville.

“This arrangement provides a possible continuity plan for our nursing program—one that encourages us to return our program to the reputation it has enjoyed for decades,” stated Dr. Bill Seymour, CSCC President. “Research has shown there is a strong demand for nurses and other allied health programs, so we remain committed to seek this growth. This remains a significant part of our strategic plan. This potential arrangement, while unique, is a statement of our commitment to the future of our nursing program.”

Cleveland States's most recent graduating class has a first-time pass-rate of 87 percent on the NCLEX exam. 

The benchmark is based on all graduates of the previous year, the overall calculation includes the night nursing cohort that finished their program last December. The pass-rate is less than 80 percent, pulling the overall rate for the year below 85 percent. ?     

In the proposed agreement, Chattanooga State will be the education provider for an entering cohort for the fall 2017 semester and provide training and credentials through the two-year program period. 

These students will be Chattanooga State students, but the instruction for these students will take place on the Cleveland State campus. ?