UPDATE:  Challenger Kathy Lennon defeated incumbent Dr. Jonathan Welch Thursday night for Hamilton County School Board District 2 seat. 

Lennon garnered 1,791 votes to Welch's 1,693 votes. 

Lennon and other newly elected school board members will be sworn-in in September. 

PREVIOUS STORY:Incumbent Dr. Jonathan Welch and challenger Kathy Lennon are going head to head in the race for the Hamilton County school board District 2 seat.

Dr. Welch is currently the chairman of the Hamilton County school board and has held the position for four years. Lennon is a former teacher battling for the seat.

"I've been hearing this overwhelming message that we need to do a better job with our schools and with our students," Kathy Lennon, the challenger said.

Dr. Welch wasn't available to speak with Channel 3 on camera, but issued the following statement:

"This is a pivotal point for Hamilton County Schools and an opportunity I would like to help lead our schools through this time.  I've had four years of advocating and serving our schools during which time we've developed partnerships that are starting to come to fruition. I would like to see those through and help lead through our superintendent search as it is critical for our district going forward."

While one candidate wants to focus on the superintendent search if elected, the other wants to focus on students among other ideas.

"I would love for us to look at student based budgeting because I think that's going to help students with exceptional needs. I would like to have more programs like the force kindergarten that's going to be at Red Bank elementary that's going to start this year," Lennon said.