UPDATE: It was a night of upsets for incumbents on the Hamilton County School Board.

Three of four incumbents were defeated by newcomers.

District one is the only race where we will see a returning member, Rhonda Thurman.

Thurman wins with 2,111 votes.

Challenger Patti Skates finished second with just 1,336 votes.

Jason Moses earned 276 votes. 

Thursday night Thurman's supporters gathered at Wimpy's Restaurant in Soddy Daisy to show their support.

It will be her fourth term on the school board, making her the longest running board member. 

She says her first order of business is selecting a new superintendent. 

PREVIOUS STORY: A Chattanooga firefighter, a former teacher and a current school board member are competing for the district 1 seat for the Hamilton County school board. The candidates include incumbent Rhonda Thurman along with challengers Dr. Patti Skates and Jason Moses.

Thurman has held the seat for 12 years.

"I'd like to see the school system become better. My wife is a school teacher. So I've got a lot of vested interest in the school board here," Jason Moses, one of the candidates said.

"I've been in the trenches, I know what it's like and people are seeing it's time for a change. They don't want what they've had for the last 12 years and everything that has gone in the school board in the last year, we need to see some change," Dr. Patti Skates, one of the challengers said.

"I feel like I've represented them well. I represent the tax payers of district 1 and I think I've done a good job with that speaking up and voicing what I feel are their concerns," Rhonda Thurman, the incumbent said.

Their plans if elected are just as unique as the reasons for why they're running. 

"I'd like to see us repair buildings before we go repairing tracks. I'd like to prioritize what we need for the school system," Moses said.

"Superintendent, scores, and just bringing change completely to the school board," Skates said.

"I want to put more money back into the classroom. Parents realize that now when they're having to pay these fees and all to get their kids into school. That's not really their problem. It's not their children's problem. That's a school board problem," Thurman said.